About Bao


Hello and WELCOME to my blog! I’m Bao.  I can’t wait to share with all of you my do-it-yourself projects, recipes, party planning ideas, and anything else that pops up in my head.  I have always loved writing and helping people out so starting a blog seems like the next logical step, don’t ya think?



I am 30 years old! Yep, that’s three decades!! I live in the beautiful capital of California, Sacramento, with my husband and son.  I can be shy and reserved but really I’m just not ready to divulge all of my secrets when you first meet me.  I like to slowly warm up to someone and then open up that’s why this whole blog thing kinda scares me because I know I am opening myself up to not only a few but to people that I will probably never meet in person.



I am married and we have a 6 year old son! Yikes, I can’t believe that he is six! I am sure most parents out there would say the same thing about their children.  My husband and I have been married for six years…seven this September! And if you’re doing the calculations right now…yes, we were pregnant before we got married! Don’t judge!! Hahaha! I have to say that even though we did not take the traditional route of marriage and then kids, our son is our first priority and we love each other…most of the time anyways ;).



We met through my sister.  I honestly didn’t have a romantic interest in him when I first met him but needless to say, as our encounters grew so did my attraction towards him :).  As you can tell from the picture, there is obviously an age gap between us so I will address the elephant in the room.  Yes, he is a lot older than me but I don’t think it makes us any different from any other couple.  In fact, I think it’s what makes our relationship work.  We work well together.  Because let’s be honest, marriage is work!

He is the calm in my storm.  As much as he drives me crazy sometimes, he has the biggest heart and has taught me so much about loving someone.  I am so appreciative to him for that.

This is our son, Dylan.  He is the sweetest boy! I feel like I don’t have to worry about him because he’s such a great kid! Can you tell I just love him to pieces?


I am also currently starting my own business in event planning and thought that it would be so cool to share the process with those who are or could be in the same boat.  My party planning business will focus more on children’s boutique style birthday parties and social events such as baby showers, wedding showers, etc.

Thanks for stopping by and come back and visit, anytime :)!