Turning 31!

It has been a while since my last blog post considering that one of my goals this new year was to write more blog posts! I can’t make any excuses except that life has been hectic! Let’s see what has happened since my last post.  My sister had her baby girl! I am such a proud auntie!

What else? I got a job at a local school.  I have to find a way to support my “extracurricular” activities until my extracurricular activities can support me you know ;).  By extracurricular activities, I mean the blog and my party planning business.  The job has been going well…I get to make up my own schedule since I am only a sub.

Saving the best news for last, I turned 31 last week!!! I’ve never been one who got too excited about my birthdays considering that I am a party planner.  I don’t know, I’ve never liked being the center of attention but I don’t mind making you the center of attention (shameless plug)! Hahaha! It could be that while growing up we never celebrated our birthdays.  I don’t think it was because that my parents didn’t care.  I think it was more of the fact that my parents are immigrants and celebrating birthdays, the tooth fairy and all the great American traditions were not part of the culture that they grew up with.  Anyways suffice it to say, that I was very disappointed when I wished and wished for money from the tooth fairy and money was not left under  my my pillow!

For the next week or so I am planning Dylan’s birthday party.  It’s so last minute because we weren’t going to do a party and invite friends but I didn’t want him to miss out on these important childhood memories so we changed our minds.  I apologize for this short post!