Pumpkin Patch

One of my not so favorite Fall time tradition is going to the Pumpkin Patch.  Don’t kill me…let me explain.  For the last couple of years, it has been hot! Sweat and dirt just doesn’t scream FUN to me so even though I don’t necessarily enjoy going, we do end up going every year.  Dylan gets to hang out and have a blast with his cousins and I get the satisfaction of knowing that he will have great memories of his childhood! Well, at least that is my hope….whether or not he actually does, we will have to find out!


Family pumpkin patch

This past weekend, the weather was perfect!!! It was cool, sunny and breezy….the perfect Pumpkin Patch weather!!  I was so looking forward to going just because I knew that I wouldn’t be sweating and irritated while waiting in line for the most famous attraction, the jumping pillow! (Sorry, I didn’t snap any pictures of this!)

pumpkin patch groupracing pyramid

hay pyramid 2

hay ride


After the pumpkin patch, we gathered at my sister’s house to plan our little sister’s baby shower.  Oh, I can’t wait to share the things we are planning on doing.  This is so right up my ally….it’s part of the reason why I started this whole blog…to be able to share my love for crafts and party planning.


Another Summer Comes To An End

It’s Labor Day weekend and another summer has come to an end.  Oh how time just passes by so quickly.  I think it’s more of a realization that I am getting older as each minute passes me by that makes me so sad.  I know, thinking too much won’t help.  I think about how fast my son is growing.  I think about what other people think of me….oh the list can go on and on! So, as I sit here writing this blog post while my son watches Indian Jones, I thought I would reflect on what we did this summer and share it with you.

My husband started a new job position right before the school year ended for Dylan, so going on a vacation of any sort was out of the question.  New job means new probation time.  Plus, a vacation was out of the budget so we had a stay-cation instead! We enjoyed each other’s company while we drove each other crazy.  I love my boy but sometimes it would be nice to hear myself think! Lol!

We went on walks around town.


Had a lemonade stand with friends.  I asked my husband to build this awesome lemonade stand and he happily obliged! I did help, of course! I painted each wood piece.  The lemonade sign is on hooks so that I can interchange the signs and use it for different occasions.  Very creative on the different signs, don’t you think? I was inspired by after seeing Lil’ Luna‘s vintage lemonade stand.

It was so hot that day that they became their own customers ;)!

dylan & friends

Here is Dylan helping a customer out…not too sure what he’s looking at though.

dylan lemon

They also had to work for their money! There are seriously some generous folks out there! We had a guy who paid $5 for a lemonade and gave a $20 tip!!

dylan with sign

Went to Funderland with friends and cousin, Ivana.  Oh, the pure joy of happiness on this handsome face!



Went swimming! He’s starting to venture out past the steps of the pool! Baby steps!

dylan swimming

Went to the State Fair! We couldn’t resist being a farmer and a cow now, could we?


And we made sure this year to NOT go on Kids’s Day because it can very crowded and the lines very long! I’m not a fan of large crowds.  One thing that I miss about Minnesota, is the state fair! I am sorry to say this but California State Fair just doesn’t compare.  Sorry! Don’t hate me! Dylan has been counting down the days since last year so we had to take him.  Otherwise, we wouldn’t have gone.  The things we do for our kids :)!

state fair ride

And we went back to school! Well, Dylan went back to school.  I was looking forward to this day all summer but when the day came, I was feeling quite sad.  I was noticing this summer how much he has changed.  His skin doesn’t have that soft baby feel anymore, he’s more than half my height (I’m 5’8″), and he’s getting smarter every day.

first day

So even though we didn’t go anywhere far…we still made a lot of memories! That my friends is what’s important! I hope you also created special memories this summer.